I love figuring out how to turn someone’s words and ideas into design: the creative process of visualising a thought, a concept or a brand. I started designing 20 years ago for film and theatre projects and with this background my style and abilities are cinematic, expansive, visually dramatic yet always sleek and clean. 
I specialise in using photography (often my own) and textures to create a feeling that fits with your ideas. From my portfolio of posters, logos, layouts etc., you will see I apply this to not only Film, TV and advertising projects but also to the work I have done for small businesses.

I have been taking pictures since the analog days and have always loved finding some kind of truth and beauty in the moments I capture. Over the years of learning to take better pictures I became particularly enamoured with portraiture, colour and capturing moments that would otherwise disappear. What I do best is capturing people at their best and most honest. Whether they are on stage, on a film set or at a wedding, I will find those moments where they are at their most rock'n'roll, most emotional, or most beautiful - and they usually don't know I was there.

If you are interested in my work and want to work with me then go to the contacts page and leave me a message. 


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